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Comfort at the Extremes: CATE 2024 at the University of Seville

Official Banner of the Comfort at the Extreme Conference 2024

In an era where climatic conditions continue to reach unprecedented extremes, the quest for innovative solutions to maintain and enhance quality of life has never been more crucial. The EDIAQI Project is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, supporting the organisation of International Conference "Comfort at the Extremes" (CATE 2024), set to convene at the University of Seville, an EDIAQI partner.

A Crucial Gathering in a City Known for Its Heat

Scheduled in Seville, one of Europe's warmest cities where temperatures can soar above 45°C (113°F), CATE 2024 aims to shine a spotlight on the urgent need for adaptive strategies in the face of soaring temperatures, particularly prevalent across Southern Europe. This event promises to be a pivotal platform for exploring innovative ways to sustain our well-being amidst climatic adversities, underscoring the theme "Investing in Well-Being in Our Challenging Future."

A Rich Tapestry of Topics

Drawing inspiration from the broad array of subjects encompassed by previous Windsor Comfort Conferences, CATE 2024 will delve into a diverse range of areas under the comfort umbrella, including:

  • Climate-Adaptive Architecture and Design: Exploring architectural solutions tailored to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Health and Well-being in Extreme Environments: Strategies to maintain physical and mental health in harsh climates.
  • Innovations in Thermal Comfort Technology: Cutting-edge technologies for efficient cooling and heating.
  • Psychological Resilience in Harsh Conditions: Building mental strength to cope with environmental stresses.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure for Extreme Climates: Infrastructure solutions that are both resilient and environmentally friendly.
  • Energy-Efficient Cooling and Heating Solutions: Innovations that minimize energy consumption while maximizing comfort.
  • Crisis Response and Emergency Shelter Planning: Preparing for and responding to climate-induced emergencies.
  • Social Equity and Inclusion in Extreme Environments: Ensuring all communities have access to safe, comfortable living conditions.
  • Natural Light and Physiological Response: The impact of natural light on health and well-being under extreme conditions.
  • Human Factors in Extreme Work Environments: Addressing the challenges faced by workers in extreme conditions.
  • Carbon Sequestration and Storage: The role of urban environments in reducing atmospheric carbon.
  • Education Strategies for Resilience: Preparing communities to thrive in changing climates.
  • Policy Frameworks for Climate-Responsive Comfort: Developing policies that support sustainable, comfortable living environments.

What's New This Year?

A highlight for 2024 is the inclusion of pivotal discussions on environmental quality, focusing on indoor air quality improvements and the urban residential potential for carbon sequestration and storage. A notable event is the workshop dedicated to the "EDIAQI Project," promising insightful explorations into the project’s goals and achievements.

Register for the International Conference

As delegates convene from diverse climates worldwide, CATE 2024 represents a unique opportunity to share, learn, and innovate in response to the extreme weather and climate trends. This international conference invites academics, industry professionals, policy makers, and the public to engage in this critical dialogue.

Join the EDIAQI project at the University of Seville for CATE 2024 to contribute to and benefit from this essential exchange of knowledge and ideas. Spaces are limited, so seize this chance to be part of shaping our future in the face of climatic extremes. Please visit the CATE official webinar website to register for the event.