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Video - Spotlight on our Scientists

Welcome to 'Spotlight on Our Scientists,' a video series that takes you behind the scenes of research, where the magic of science meets the rigor of expertise. In this series, we celebrate the brilliant minds propelling the EDIAQI project forward — the individuals whose unique skills and dedication are the bedrock of our project's success. Each episode will introduce you to a new member of our highly accomplished and dynamic team. From candid conversations that weave through the intricacies of Indoor Air Quality science to the personal journeys that shape their careers, we will explore the fun, the challenges, and the triumphs of our team members. Get ready to be inspired by the excellence of our scientists and other team members, as they share not just their knowledge, but their passion. Because in the EDIAQI project, we believe in the power of human potential — and we are excited to showcase the people who are not just part of our project, but core components without which the EDIAQI project would not exist. Stay tuned, engage with us, and be part of the discovery. This is ‘Spotlight on Our Scientists’.