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Seville campaign


The Seville Campaign is focused on the physical-chemical characterisation of indoor air pollutants, as well as studying behavioural differences and ventilation habits in key building scenarios for vulnerable populations at schools, hospitals, residential areas, and public transport.

Participating Partners
  • Universidad de Sevilla
  • UniversitĂ  degli Studi del Molise
  • Lab Service Analytica srl
  • Wings ICT Solutions Information & Communication Technologiesike
Long-term Objectives
  • To gain knowledge about the health effects of indoor air pollution on children in relation to building construction and their technical systems.
  • To evaluate the social profitability and the improvement of well-being and hygiene conditions in schools, homes, and public transport.
  • To support the development of preventive measures for the improvement of environmental quality in educational centres.
  • To increase citizen awareness of indoor air pollution sources, daily behaviours, and environmental factors affecting IAQ.