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Ferrara Pilot

Ferrara, Italy
Participating partners
  • Deda Next
  • Lab Service Analytica srl
  • Università degli Studi del Molise

The Ferrara Pilot focuses on 4 building scenarios: schools, offices, entertainment, and residential. Each scenario involves different types of occupants, activities/behaviours and buildings’ properties. The pilot is driven by the proactive role of the local community: behavioural change campaigns will be activated for collecting “warm data” (experiences and perceptions) together with the installation of low-cost multi-sensors indoor devices (Sentinels) and remote reference stations to obtain comprehensive information about indoor air pollutant concentrations.

The long-term objectives include:

  1. To map different building categories to provide approaches for proper management of indoor AQ, increasing public awareness about sources, behaviours and environmental factors;
  2. Launch a first series of campaigns to incentivize different types of occupants (students, workers, visitors, residents) and shift their behaviours around IAQ and monitor effects of mitigation measures;
  3. To conduct toxicology studies for determining the long-term exposure to emerging pollutants.