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Filtration Pilot

Participating partners
  • Ascalia d.o.o.

Indoor air filtration is an important means to improve IAQ in public buildings. The buildings in scope of this pilot are existing users of ASC installed hardware, such as ventilation and air conditioning systems. The aim of the pilot is to determine which indoor air pollutants are most effectively removed by the filtration system, providing cornerstones for further filtration system technological innovation. The pilot study will also identify the science-based pathways for IAQ improvement. The results of the pilot will conclude into recommendation of the most efficient filters; most optimal filtration system maintenance schedule; filter replacement period, etc. Furthermore, the pilot P4 is aiming at collecting data about people habits and comfort requirements in office spaces. Low-cost sensors installed by partner ASC and provided by LAS, WINGS and THIN will be utilized to provide the needed ambient pollution data.

Long-term objectives include:

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of IAQ and air filtration indoors;
  2. Collect the best air filtration system maintenance practices;
  3. Identify air quality risk zones in office buildings.